Friday, January 6

Have a Pleasant Weekend!

I hope you had a great first week of 2012!
here are a few of my www discoveries!

You can Walk the Walk but can you Talk the Talk?

Cute! Army Men for Girls!

Dew think twice... Sorry, I know it's horribly gross but I had to!
{This is why I don't drink sodas!}

For you product junkies! Makes a great gift... Valentine's Day!

YUM! My Momma sent this to me! Something about pot pie just feels cozy.

When big stripes are okay.

Girl Scout cookies go on sale TODAY! And there's a new member...

I'll need this after indulging on thin mints! 
Did it last year and definitely saw results. My calves look ah-mazing in wedges by springtime!

Oops sorry, amazing has been banned for 2012!

and the winner of the New Years giveaway is... Aubrey Laine!

Have a pleasant weekend!

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