Sunday, July 24

Thursday, July 21

I Need My Space!

Today marks the last day of the final Space Shuttle mission :(
Did you watch the landing?
This makes me severely bummed out!
I mean, BUMMED!

I am a total space nerd!
Here's a little bit of my space nerd resume...

Went to Space Camp in Alabama with my 5th grade class.
Minus the tornadoes, it was a great trip!

Saw Apollo 13 in movie theaters ... well ... a lot!
Definitely makes my top 10 movie list.

Wrote Jim Lovell a letter. Yes, I really did!
And, Yes, he wrote back.

My favorite Christmas present EVER was a telescope!

My Mom and I would get up extra early to catch a comet sighting and meteor showers!
I still do this today!

Space is a mysterious place!


and that's just the beginning...

Last summer Kenny and I went to Orlando for a convention.
We made a day trip out to Cape Canaveral!
 I'm not embarrassed to say, when we crossed the bridge into NASA and I caught a glimpse of the launch pad,
I shed a tear or two.

It was just so amazing and a wonderful experience!
Here are a few pics from our tour

We are standing in the observation tower all the way zoomed in!
It's really far!

Um... yeah, that's a lot of horsepower!

Goodnight Moon! This is where the shuttle sleeps.

Big Nerd Alert:
They took us through the entire countdown experience with a recording of a real launch!
My favorite part of the tour :)

That's us touching the moon!

Look familiar?

Actual components of the International Space Station being built as we watch!

They don't give you much head room on the space station!

The boosters to get the shuttle into orbit

One of the fleet, the Explorer.

The Rocket Garden

Big Thanks to this Gentleman!

Are you sad to see it end?

I'm not loosing hope that I will get the chance to attend a launch!

Pleasantly Yours,


Wednesday, July 20

Wednesday Pick Me Up!

It's the middle of the week, which means a little Retail Candy Pick Me Up!

A long pearl necklace is a must have for any woman!
There's just something about them... girly, glamorous, iconic...
Pearls go with everything!
From Black Tie to Casual T and Jeans

Those who know me...know I wear pearls a lot!

They are the perfect neutral accessory.

Wear it long, doubled up, layer with your favorite pendant, wrapped as a chunky bracelet, or with more and more strands of all sizes and lengths!


There are 5 types of strands and 2 types of styles

Collar: 10-13 inches
Princess Length: 17-19 inches
Matinee Length: 20-24 inches
Opera Length: 28-35 inches
Pearl Rope: 45+ inches

Uniform Style: Pearls are all one size.
Graduated Style: Pearls graduate from large to small starting in the center. This style became popular in the US in the 1950's by the Gi's who brought home pearls from Japan. A graduated strand was much more affordable than a uniform strand because most of the pearls were small.

Learn more about pearls here
 Juliet & Company Classic Long Pearl Necklace
Don't worry about investing in a real strand just yet.
These look just as good!

How do you wear your pearls?

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Tuesday, July 19

Deep in the Heart of... Lamar

Last weekend we went to a great little restaurant/bar, The Cedars Social!
Here are a few pics from our evening!
Location: Across from South Side Lamar

Menu: Drinks inspired from pre and prohibition and southern comfort family style plates for sharing.

We had the best seat in the house!

I love the specials written on the mirror!

Cocktails: Pimm's Cup & Ball and Chain

Good Eats: Deviled Eggs, Lamp Lollipops, Lobster Pot Pie,
Quail, Mac-n-cheese, and Chocolate Bread Pudding!

Kenny's kind of place!

Monday, July 18

"Well, Sugar..."

Yesterday Kenny and I spent part of the afternoon visiting with his MawMaw. She is the ultimate Grandma and I always say she definitely got all A's at Grandma school! She calls you Sugar, has big blue eyes that don't take any bull, gives big grandma hugs, and LOVES to chat! She is such a sweet lady and has so many wonderful stories about growing up in the late 20's and 30's.That era just fascinates me and I love that she lives near by to share them with us.

We talked about how gosh darn hot it is outside and asked how in the world she grew up with out AC.

"Well, Sugar, we didn't know any different. It's not that were weren't hot, we just adapted. I learned real quick it was better to crack the window for circulation rather than open it wide. Some people would even sleep out on the screened in porch." she laughed.

Her dear friends Luther and Francis came by and those two gals giggled about growing up, climbing trees, running barefoot in the maize fields catching small shadows to cool down their feet, and the inconvenience of always having to wear dresses.

"We would come home from Sunday School, strip off our Sunday Dress, kick off our shoes, and throw on a old ratty school dress to play in. Daddy said it wasn't appropriate for girls to wear shorts." Francis said.

Then they said something that I wasn't expecting. We started talking about family members that had passed. Luther and MawMaw are both the babies in their families and all of their siblings and parents have passed on.

"I still catch myself picking up the phone to call my sister or wanting to talk to my mother." Luther said.
"Oh I know, anytime I have a question about something I thought, oh, I'll just call my sister, she can tell me the answer." MawMaw replied.

It's weird, I catch myself doing this too.

At that moment that I realized, no matter how long someone has been gone or whether you are 25 or 85, you still miss and love those who have passed and remember them as if it was just yesterday you were having lunch, laughing together.

Take some time this week and call up your grandparents, they would love it!

P.S. Please say a little prayer for MawMaw, she has a big surgery today.

Pleasantly Yours,

Friday, July 15

How Sweet it is!

One of my all time favorite American fashion designers is Ralph Lauren!

I saw on Oprah a few months ago that his daughter, Dylan, was getting married this summer!
I can't wait to see the dress he designed with a little help from Vera!
The wedding was back in June but I haven't seen any signs of the RL wedding gown yet!
Has anyone found it online???

While I was searching...
 I fell upon some photos from who else, Martha Stewart, of Dylan's candy themed bridal shower!
Dylan Lauren is the owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York

Check out some of these sweet sweets!

What a ROCK!
Pink diamonds for all the guests!

Mini milk shakes with chocolate chip cookie garnish, delish!

Oh so cute candy necklace favors!

I love this clean, simple, candy heart three tiered cake!

Check out more pictures!

Wouldn't this theme be precious for a baby shower, birthday, or anniversary?
And it would be so simple and easy to do!
I love it!

Thursday, July 14

Oh, The Places...

Come on... the push pin map just isn't cutting it anymore, time to get a little more creative!

Since I have had travel on the brain all week, this has helped contain my urge to jump the pond!

I love this scratch off map!
Such a cool way to keep track of your destinations!

Test your 9th grade geography skills with this chalkboard globe!
Draw the places you have been to create a unique personalized accessory!

DIY... I was inspired from this item found on Etsy.
Take a large map and use a circle template to carefully cut out each city.
Make them all the same size and arrange on a mat board to frame.
Cool, Huh?!?

Which one is your fav?
Where is your favorite place?

Wednesday, July 13

Pop of Color :: Hey, Nude

Strip down the brights of summer and slip into some nude!
Don't you just love these neutrals!?!
They go with everything!

Tuesday, July 12

Dreaming of a cool breeze

I am so inspired by this color palette right now!

Maybe because it's been at or above 100 degrees for nearly two weeks and there is no end in site!
I am CRAVING some cool hues and a breeze!

So while I am patiently waiting for the AC man, here are some of my cool finds!

Monday, July 11

It's all in the Details

Over the weekend I organized all of my travel pics.

I love black and whites so I edited a few of my favs!














Bits and Pieces From My Week

It was a big week for my little blog! I decided to revamp and rename, do you like?

My weekend was all about family and friends!
My "Sister" came into town this weekend for her bachelorette party!
We had a blast, I love those girls!

My Mom is unlocking TONS of family history using an online source, I can't believe how well documented our family is!
It is so fascinating!

Sunday was monthly Second Sunday Brunch Bunch.
July's location: Hattie's in Bishop Arts. It was so good and the convo was even better!
Picture from Beth Dotolo of Hello, Splendor.

After a long weekend, I started a new read.
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
Have you read it? Did you enjoy? I like it so far!

I hope you have a great week!
Pleasantly Yours,

Saturday, July 9

Passionate for Pattern: Don't Mess with Hexes

If I had to pick a favorite shape, I would choose the Hexagon!

Hexagons are often found all around mother nature ranging from honeycomb,
snowflakes, and crystals!

Bring a little hex into your life with these finds!

Thursday, July 7

Blog Makeover!

So I've been thinking my blog needed a make over!
As much as I loved Pirouettes and Pistons and how exact that name was to describe Kenny and I, it wasn't turning out to be the husband/wife hobby I was hoping for.
It was mostly me blogging about whatever I felt like instead of both of us, so I figured I should change the name and make it all my own!

When I told Kenny: "Hey honey, check out my new blog name!"
he said: "wait, you kicked me out of the blog?"
Me: "It's not like I filed for divorce."
Kenny: "oh ok, looks good!"

So needless to say, he wasn't too heart broken about the whole thing.

If we can survive a blog separation we can survive anything!

So welcome, Loves, to
Pleasantly Yours,

A place that celebrates simple, pleasant living!
I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Pleasantly Yours,
Pretty in Pink Tights
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