Saturday, May 28

Pleasantly Simple :: Sweet Treat

I stumbled upon these super cute dipped strawberries and just had to share!

Great for a little quick and easy summer treat for Memorial and Independence Day!

Dip the strawberries in white chocolate up 2/3rds of the fruit.
Roll in blue sugar sprinkles at the bottom 1/3rd and voila!
Red, White, and Berry Blue goodness!

I am soooooo going to make these!

Big thanks to all of our US Service Men and Women!

Friday, May 27

Picture Perfect Wallpaper!

I am absolutly in LOVE with this Frames wallpaper from Graham and Brown!  

Let your kids go nuts!

Hang it in your powder bath! Collage with vintage black and white photos!

Create an inspiration wall for your office!

Where would you hang it?

Thursday, May 26

Passionate for Pattern :: Putt, Putt, Plaid!

Golf tourneys are in full swing and it's got me mad about plaid!
I love these sophisticated neutral plaids!

Will you be watching the Byron this weekend???

Wednesday, May 25

The Pleasant Life Of...

The Oprah Show

It's here, the end of an era! 

Will you be watching?
I've got my DVR set and ready!

Tuesday, May 24

Pretty Little Things :: Branch Out

Branch Out!
I love adding a little something organic in shape to a room or and outfit, and what better than the most organic shape: branches!

Here are some of my favs. Which one is yours?

Monday, May 23

There is No PLANet B!

This is one of my favorite articles!

Where have all the clunkers gone?

Thinking Green by Trudy Whitney

Almost every car I have ever owned was a clunker. 

   In 1956, my father purchased a peacock blue T-Bird. He drove it home and parked it in the garage.  He loved that car, but I loved it more.

   A decade later, when I got a hardship license (anybody could get one back then), my dad turned over the keys to the bird with less that 1,000 miles on it. Hardly a clunker! I kept that car through high school and college and wish to heck I still had it. 

   I sold it to the mechanic that kept “Fasty Fasty”, (we named our cars), running and ding free. His family still has that car. Darn it. 

   Through the years, many more clunkers came my way.  I bought a used MG. I bought a used Triumph. I bought a used Ford LTD and I bought a used Cadillac my kids rode to school in for twelve years. I bought a used Ford pickup for the farm. I even bought a used golf cart. I finally bought a new Scion because I could not justify a gas-guzzling Caddy wrapped in advertising for an environmentally friendly business.

   I got to thinking about clunkers this week because all the hoopla about cash for clunkers is over now and I wanted to investigate the aftermath of discarded relics.

   I can tell you that I am disappointed that the clunkers most surrendered in the entire program were relatively new pickups, SUV’s and large sedans that were not particularily clunky. In fact, the requirements for a settlement on your clunker were based on an improved gas mileage number relative to your current usage.  It proved not be a significant difference to improve our emissions, but more to stimulate car sales.

   I am thrilled that dealerships were able to sell more cars.  Nearly 700,000 vehicles were purchased and manufacturers put auto workers back to work.  Dealerships received a real shot in the arm.

   The fact remains however that most folks who capitalized on the offer are now more in debt than if they were still driving their older cars.  On top of that, there are a number of programs aimed to help high school dropouts that gave people a nice tax write-off for donating their old cars.  They are then sent to auction and the proceeds are used to help the kids.

   The good news I can tell you is that revenue for car crushers has never been better.  The crushers are required to receive the clunkers, put some silicate in the engine that makes it completely inoperable, drain the oil, recycle it, and then smash what is left to smithereens within 180 days. 

   The crusher guys are allowed to remove lug nuts and recycle tires, but under no circumstance can they remove the drive trains or transmissions or, oddly enough, the doors. They even have to report the VIN numbers to Carfax, indicating that the auto had been crushed. Ironically, that poses a disadvantage for those who may need a part or a door handle to keep their clunkers operational. 

   The crushed cars have an after-market value of a few hundred dollars.  Most of the mashed mess is transported on a barge to Japan to become recycled steel. (I have to wonder if the smashing and transporting of crushed cars overseas is all that green.) You see, Japan has few natural resources for their construction needs so they have ingeniously made use of discarded materials. The clunkers have become quite the bonanza of a resource for that country. Recycling the metal is far better than allowing these clunkers to rust in landfills or junkyards.

   I struggle with being green and being sensible.  I hate seeing anything replaced if it still serves a purpose, but I can’t stand to see us using products that waste precious resources.  It is a tough call but maybe if you “Google” what happens to clunkers like I did, you can make your own decisions. 

  If you live close to work, your school or your grocery store, buy a bike or some good shoes.  Who knows….they may have been made from recycled clunkers.

Trudy and Bill Whitney are the owners of Rapid Refill Ink, an independently owned retail franchise that refills and remanufactures inkjet and laser/toner cartridges for office and home printers. In an effort to encourage recycling, empty cartridges are brought to the store that can be reused many times.  Sustainable and recycled products were utilized in the build out of the shop located in McKinney.  For more information call 972.548.9393.

Wednesday, May 18

Pleasantly New

So... those of you who know me, know that I live my life via fourtune cookie. Well, it just so happens that all of my fourtunes lately have been directing me to try something new.

So, here it is... my something new...
After 5 years in the industry, I have resigned from my hospitality design position at Design Duncan Miller Ullmann and joined Kenny at Cycle Center of Denton as the new Marketing and Business Development guru! (ahhhhhhhhhh it's so sureal) I am super excited about this new adventure! Plus I will get to spend more time with my wonderful husband!

I will still be working in the design industry focusing on residential design, so if you are looking for a designer feel free to contact me!

Wish me luck, it's going to be a big change :)

Sunday, May 15

Pleasant List :: Secret Garden

I have been looking for inspiration for backyard! Kenny is re-building our deck this week and my herb/veggie garden is blooming like crazy! I love the mood of these fun backyard items.
1. This white compost pail doesn't even look like a composter!
2. I definitely want to add river rocks to our pathway
3. I love the all natural look and feel of this outdoor pillow
4. Hanging planters are a must
5. Forget plain old Christmas lights... I love these light strands of little birdies !
6. Cute little terracotta terrariums for succulents

Monday, May 9

Bits and Pieces From My Week

1. It was my Birthday on Tuesday! Look at these beautiful earrings Carolina gave me, I love them!
2. Kenny and Melissa planned a delicious dinner at Fireside Pies for my Birthday! It was awesome, thanks so much loves.
3. My Mother's day gifts to my Momma and Momma in law. Little succulent gardens.
4. All of the lovely ladies on Mother's Day!
5. My niece and nephew showing off their Bahama presents. They are so cute, I can't stand it!

I hope you had a great week, here's to another!

Tuesday, May 3

Pretty in Pink Tights turns ...

Finally a birthday without rain and a lovely lunch at Neo's!
Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!
xoxo, corinne

Monday, May 2

Matt Burns Memorial Ride!

 Sunday May 15th
 Twin Peaks Run starting at Lewisville.  Meet on patio at 10:00 for sign-in.
Poker Run for Riders $10.00 
Pays Best Hand, 2nd, 3rd and Worst Hand                                                                 
Raffle Pot Tickets $1.00
 Pot pays 1st, 2nd and 3rd
 Additional prizes provided by Twin Peaks (Raffle Drawing)
Plan Route:
1) Twin Peaks Lewisville (10:00). Kickstands up 11:00-11:30.
2) Twin Peaks Frisco (12:00-1:00).
3) Twin Peaks Plano (1:00-2:00).
4) Twin Peaks Addison (2:00-3:00).
5) Twin Peaks Lewisville (4:00-6:00). Final Stop for Announcing Winners.
***There will be a someone on hand sewing on patches.

Sunday, May 1

Monthly Prescription :: May

For May's Rx I am asking you to create a to do list! Create a list of things you have always wanted to do or have been meaning to do and DO them! Life is way too short to just sit in the stands.
 Here's my list so far... I will be blogging about each little adventure!

1. Do something adventurous and daring
2. Create a piece of artwork for our home
3. Sew a garment from scratch
4. Grow tomatoes
5. Perform a solo that I choreographed (yikes!)
6. Make my husband meatloaf from scratch
7. Start a family tree
8. Catch up with an old friend
9. Build an intimate outdoor patio
10. Refinish a unique piece of furniture
11. Learn a new skill
12.Organize my home office to be more efficient (it looks nice and neat, just don’t open a drawer!)
13. Become published
14. Read a book per month
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