Sunday, January 1

New Year's Resolution Giveaway!

Now that you have popped the bubbly, smooched your lover, and ate your last piece of fudge made by your best friend's Dad... it's time to commit to those 2012 resolutions!

No, not those I vow to eat more veggies and workout everyday resolutions.
You've made those so many times they should be part of your daily routine by now, right!?

Resolution #1: Get out of bed sleepy head!
No more snooze button over and over again!
Well, just once is okay, but no more than one!

Resolution #2: Capture the day!
If you don't have app, then get it!
I am going to snap a photo everyday and then print my little memories via!

Resolution #3: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
I feel we do a pretty good job at recycling our glass, paper and plastics...
But, I could do more.
No more excessive use of paper towels!
It's such a bad habit of mine.
 Kenny is worse.
We use paper towels for everything!
It's time to make the switch to cloth napkins and terry cleaning towels.

Resolution #4: "Cause I see Sparks Fly whenever you smile!"
I love these little resolutions on  Kate Spade's idiom bangle!
This year I am going to make sparks fly!

Resolution #5: 365 Q&A's!
I gave these fun little journals as gifts and was given one by my sister in law!
Love it!
It's great for writer's block because each day has a question with only a few lines for your answer.
So no need to chronicle your every move with "dear, diary"!
Maybe, just maybe I'll blog about some of the Q's and A's!

I just happen to have one journal left!

I'd love to hear what your New Year's resolutions are! 
 Leave me a comment for a chance to win!

I'll announce a winner on Friday Jan 6th!

*this giveaway has been closed*


  1. Be grateful for everthing i have and say a little thank you for one thing everday!

  2. To work out more and continue trying to start our family. Love our Q&A book. Its so much fun. Hope yall had a great new years. Xoxo Missy

  3. Be more patient with others!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com


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