Wednesday, August 3

To Elvis' House We Go!

We left Texarkana at 5am, and let me tell you, it's DARK in the country at 5am!
I couldn't take any pics
mainly because I was sleeping
but also because it was too dark and there wasn't much to look at
other than counting down the mileage on George

Finally! Memphis is on the Map!

Thank goodness for coffee and words with friends!

Crossing the Mississippi River!

Man, the Tennessee welcome sign just snuck right up on me!

Small detour due to construction.
Cool old building snap shot as we turned around.

We made it to Elvis Presley Boulevard!

The house was built in 1939
Elvis bought it in 1957

I love the classic American Colonial style!
Now the inside...
that's another story

Front Piano Room

Who needs a 16 foot sofa?
Apparently Elvis did

The chandelier was actually really beautiful!

Family Dining Room

Don't drink and walk down these steps!

Basement hangout room.
Custom mural with the lightning bolt, Elvis' TCB signature logo
Takin' Care of Business!

Interesting accessories everywhere!

Welcome to the Jungle... Room

Lisa Marie's Swing Set

Back of the house

This was my favorite!
I have never seen a Grammy Award!

Elvis in the Army

The famed Eagle Cape

I can't believe how many awards Elvis received!
This is only one wall in one room!

The whole Presley family rests at Graceland

Oh, well hello there Rolls!

Looks like something from Back to the Future, ha!

The Pink Caddy
Makes me Smile :)
Little Lisa Marie

His signature was everywhere!
He signed every check and every bill

The Lisa Marie Airplane
Not much to look at inside

The Jet was cooler!
We couldn't go to Memphis without eating some delicious BBQ!

Corky's BBQ has been serving Memphis Style Dry Rub Ribs since 1984!
They are so good!
You can even have them sent overnight anywhere in the USA!

So long Memphis!
Next stop, Nashville!



  2. Great pics....didn't you heart just skip a beat when you first laid eyes on Graceland? Mine sure did.... I took a 500 mile detour from Fl home to Mi to visit Graceland, lol Saw Elvis in concert twice, once had him look right at me as I left my seat to stand at the base of the stage at the Pontiac (MI)Silverdome. I'll never forget being 5 ft from him looking straight into his eyes ...and that grin, whew! May he rest in peace!

  3. Hi Corrine
    Love your journey,
    makes me want to get back there, Graceland is a SPECIAL place.

    Enjoy Linda.
    Qld Aust

  4. Thanks for sharing. Been to Graceland many times. Met Lisa Marie in backyard on one visit. Saw Elvis in person 5 times. I miss him!

  5. Thank you for sharing your awesome trip. I too, would love to visit Graceland before I get too old, its one of my dreams for I am a great Elvis fan.

  6. that was good the way you done it i loved to go there here,s hopein one day

  7. My husband and myself was just at Graceland our self's in July 2011. Really loved the tour of graceland, also we went to Sun Studio while in Memphis. We enjoyed our trip except for the hotel we stayed at. Super 8 on ILL AVE. never again ! we got lost several times, didn't like Memphis at all locations, we just got back to our rm heard on TV a elder couple just been car jacked, where we was just there. we also went on to Nashville, everything there was great ! stayed at super 8 by air port. great, only thing when we would go to eat anywhere out, never heard Country music ! I asked why I was told they didn't like Country music, couldn't figure that one out.... But loved Cooters in Nashville, also dinner cruise on General Jackson Show boat...

  8. Hi there,
    fantastic pics, tx for showing them! I don't know, if I ever will have the chance to visit Graceland from Germany, so it is very nice to watch your photos!
    All the best: Cap K ~~~

  9. I layed on Elvis bed on the Lisa Marie?????

  10. esther quintanillaAugust 3, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!marvellous!simply awesome,I have heard of people who have been at graceland.And these tokens or memorabilia I have seen on the websites...but these seem to have life,really,and I agree with the sentiments of visitors such as the anonymous who said her heart sunk or beats when she first entered is my dream too.....Esther quintanilla.

  11. I went there when I went to Graceland a long time ago I guess when I was about 10 or so I remember it clearly things sure have changed there. when I was there all the costumes were out not behind glass on mannequins out on display the cars that you saw were there at the house just a few the Jeep from blue Hawaii and a cadddy and another car where the insides were plated in gold and the Harley had a flat ( I made a big stink about it at the time lol the security guard thought I was crazy ) I'm sure its still amazing to this day thanks for sharing RIP Elvis well always love you

  12. thanks for sharing photos. i loved elvis and plan in the near future to go to graceland myself.

  13. Hi there, i too have been to graceland a couple of times while on holiday in florida.We drove all the way it was great going through all the different states.That first feeling you get when you go through those gates and up the drive is so emotional. I too have the same photos that i treasure.Hopefully i will be going next year for 35th anniversary.Thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us,really enjoyed them.From London, England goodnight!

  14. what was wrong with the inside of the lisa marie?

  15. I have made the "Graceland" trip 3 time now. The first time was back in 1971, we were allowed to go up to the house back then but that was it. Elvis was home his uncle had told us when we arrived at the gate, his black limo was parked out front but we never saw him. :o( However! I did get to see him at the Chicago Stadium in 1972. It was the first time they had an entertainer there and he was way at the other end of where we we sitting. Then Frank Santra was there and HIS stage was in the middle! I believe I cried the when through Elvis' whole concert! I too cried when we pulled up to Graceland, even after the 3rd time!
    Thanks for sharing your photos, he was an amazing man! I make sure that all my grandkids know who he was!

  16. Hello Kenny and Cory my wife and I were there in September 19th at Graceland and we stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel and swam in the heart shape pool.His planes were awesome the whole adventure at Graceland was great the car Museum I just hope the future generations keep his music going my grandchildren likes music when they come to our house when I'm on YouTube.Kenny B

  17. nice pics, loved the dry humour in your captions, keep up the good work.

  18. Been to Graceland twice - once on my way back from Florida, and once on my way to New Orleans. Live in Canada and anytime I'm in the states, I always drop by Graceland. Went to his shotgun shack in Miss. and then on to Graceland. It brought to mind what a man with an amazing talent and work ethic accomplished - a real rags to riches story. He shared it all with his family and friends, and was a good man for doing so.

  19. Sept 5th I will be there. I can't wait. Staying at the heart Break... Thanks to my husband for the 23rd anniversary trip. Hunny You Rock... Terry Lynn


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