Monday, August 1

Monthly Prescription: August

I have so much to blog about from last week!
Kenny and I took a road trip to Nashville for a convention and had lots of little mini adventures!
Those will come later once I can gather all my thoughts and photos :)

So since it is the first of the month, here's your August Rx!
Last month I challenged you to try 2 new recipes per week to get out of the same ole Meat Loaf Monday and Spaghetti Sunday dinner routine!
How did it go? I have to say, I enjoyed it and so did Kenny!
For the month of August, take last month's Rx a little further by going organic.

I know lot's of you already do this, but for those who don't,
try it out for 31 days and see what you think!

Just be sure to buy grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free organic proteins, whole grains, organic and pesticide free fruits and veggies, organic milk, eggs, juices, and absolutely nothing with preservatives!
If it doesn't rot don't buy it!
You can also go organic with make up, soaps, detergents, cleaners, and vitamins.

If you are like me and don't have easy access to a Whole Foods or Sprouts, most local grocery stores are offering organic options, just ask someone to point you in the right direction!
Some stores even have entire isles dedicated to organic products.

Also, try out the farmer's market near you.
Most town's have one so just take a few seconds to google "farmer's market" in your area.

Are you already buying organic?
Share your shopping tips, favorite products, and delicious recipes!

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